Epps Music Productions

Epps Music Production has been set up by respected music producer and independent A&R professional Stuart Epps to provide artists & performers, song-writers & musicians, with a platform and structure to build their careers and to help them establish their name in an ever more competitive music industry.

With a successful career spanning some four decades and having worked with some of the worlds biggest name artists, Stuart Epps is uniquely positioned to be able to offer tangible tools and benefits to the fledgling talents that he works with.
Those lucky enough to establish a working relationship with EMP will benefit from his insight and knowledge as well as his vast experience as a respected engineer and producer. Not only that, but with an impressive client roster and significant industry connections, EMP can get the best quality material to the key decision makers and influential music business executives who drive the industry.


Where EMP can help:

We are a music production company with connections - and we work with carefully selected artists, writers and performers to develop and produce quality music that we can have an active and decisive role in bringing to broader markets through record companies, TV & Film producers, broadcasters and publishers.
We will advise and guide you to help make the most of your material and your performance. We can proactively help develop your 'product' by working with you to produce the best possible demo recordings or even finished material for commercial release. In short, we can 'partner' you every step of the way with our long standing experience and expertise with production and promotion, and create a platform to launch your career success in a fully managed and structured way - impossible for you to achieve on your own terms unless you already know all of the industry contacts required.

Why work with EMP:

We can positively develop a career strategy for our artists by helping them grow their talents and develop their craft - be it composition, song/lyric writing or performing.
Further we know industry insiders and what material they are looking for - and having those contacts we can respond appropriately with the right material at the right time so creating a fully targeted response.
Of course it's widely recognised that trying to 'sell' unsolicited material to record or publishing companies is going to be met with a very firmly closed door. These organisations are inundated with representations from all kinds of amateurs with rough recordings and half baked ideas. Professional music business insiders instead rely on trusted 'agents' to bring to their attention artists who are truly worthy of a second look and it's here that EMP plays a decisive role in opening that door for you. Having your material presented and endorsed by an industry recognised, award-winning and respected producer is one hell of an advantage over those amateur performers who try to make headway with badly recorded and poorly produced demos.

Extended services:

In fact we can help create a complete package of bespoke promotional tools including websites, branding/logo development, photography, promo leaflets and even posters and of course album cover design.
As a music production company our aim is to seek out new talent and produce world class artists, song writers and performers and to help them secure contracts with the publishers, record companies and media channels who we have trusted working relationships with - established and proven over many decades of working within the music industry.

" I hope to find individuals who are making passionate, amazing and innovative music - artists who are interested in working with me and utilising my extensive production and management experience to realise the full potential of their talents. We want to work with new artist who we can confidently present to the 'movers and shakers' in the industry and achieve the level of commercial success that I've had with the other internationally famous artists I've worked with ."

Stuart Epps - CEO, Epps Music Production

A cursory glance over the extensive roster of talented artists that Stuart Epps has worked with in the past immediately communicates that this is no empty promise - so if you believe you are truly worthy of that second look contact EMP now!

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